Jessamyn's current mathematical interests are very broad and include algebraic structures, braids, knots, lattice models, and anything that might secretly be yarn.

Most recently they participated in Rethinking Number Theory, spending two weeks in a workshop on finding common factors in zeta functions for K3 surface families; this work continues.

 In summer 2022 they participated in a Polymath Jr. group and subsequently published a paper on the 6-vertex "ice rule" lattice model in n colors, on the ArXiv here: Solving the n-color ice model .

A photo of a knitted topological object ("klein bottle") with knitting needles still in it, in red, brown, and yellow. It is resting on an iPad on a table.

This PDF contains expository notes related to a 30-minute talk I gave for the Rutgers Junior/Senior Honors Math Seminar in Spring 2023, which was themed "Math in the Making." I handknit a figure-8 Klein Bottle and discussed some of the mathematics behind its construction.