This page contains some quotes from, and links to, essays and resources regarding the state of mathematics and academia. Content is subject to change.

"Why do you think that most of the ‘excellent mathematicians’ are white men? Are there reasons that white men might be more prolific at an earlier stage of their career than others?"  

Dr. Noelle Sawyer for the Inclusion/Exclusion blog

"One of the major motivations behind our organizing is to address the violence of the status quo — the violence of prisons, policing, settler colonialism, and in particular the ways in which our discipline actively invests in this violence. But in part because of how this same violence precludes so many from having a chance of becoming professional mathematicians in the first place, how it operates — and even the fact that it operates at all — is invisible to many mathematicians. "

Just Mathematics Collective

"The two biggest and oldest professional math associations do not answer for perpetuating exclusive notions of who is a mathematician, nor do they answer for perpetuating exclusive notions of what is math." 

Dr. Piper H: everything is garbage, now what? October 19, 2021

"We often idolize achievement ... we end up thinking that only certain kinds of people belong at the highest levels of mathematics."

Francis Su, promoting his book Mathematics for Human Flourishing