Jessamyn spent ten years as a professional knitter, spinner, knitwear designer, and general fabric and yarn nerd before leaving the crafting world and returning to school. Their adoration of intricate, highly technical structures led them to instantly fall in love with mathematics, and in turn to delight in sharing math with others. 

Jessamyn earned their A.S. in mathematics in May 2020 from Union College, with awards for academic excellence in mathematics and tutor of the year. They completed their B.A. in mathematics with a minor in education in August 2023 from Rutgers University; they have been awarded the Lawrence Corwin Memorial Prize and the Hannah Hoyt Association Prize, both for mathematics.

At home, Jessamyn has a spouse, a seven year old, a finite number of cats, and an uncountably infinite amount of yarn (knitters call this "stash accrued beyond life expectancy").

In June 2023 Jessamyn was profiled in the AMS Notices alongside several other transgender and non-binary mathematicians; you can find the article here

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